Monday, August 8, 2011

Aerosoles Plush Around Sandal

I took a little hiatus from this blog, but I'm back and with an amazing wedge!

Summer has been wonderful! Lots of fun with friends and trips to visit with family. I have also spent lots of time in some great wedges and sandals. One of my favs is the Aerosoles Plush around sandal! This wedge is not only super cute but also extremely comfortable. The diamond pattern out sole creates the ultimate in flexibility and absorbs all the impact the ball of my foot usually takes. The leather straps on the ankle and the decorativeve buckle on the croc patterned toe strap are both adjustable for a perfect fit.

I have worn this wedge all day at work  and then out for dinner and drinks. I have worn them walking around San Francisco and San Luis Obispo. I have also worn them to the Midstate Fair and was completely comfortable the whole time. Plus they make my legs look long and my boyfriend says sexy too! This is the perfect shoe for any occasion, dress them up or down you cant go wrong.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sexy Slingbacks!!!

Bandolino ??

I was out last week shopping at TJ Maxx for my friends daughters 14th birthday. While I was there I thought maybe I would find my next high heel reveal. The shoe section at TJ Maxx can be hit or miss, this time it was a hit! I found a pair of black sling back heels from Bandolino.

I tried them on at the store, walked around a bit and they felt really comfortable. They were also pretty inexpensive to I decided to keep them. I  found a really cute top for my friends daughter too! You cant go wrong getting clothes for a teenager :)

This shoe is great! Its a peep toe, sling back with a criss cross design on the top. It hides enough of the foot to still be appropriate at the office. It also looks great with slacks, skirts, leggings, jeans, really anything! A heel you can wear for almost any occasion! The leather is super soft and the foot bed is pretty comfortable. You wouldn't be able to wear this shoe all day and then out at night too. But one or the other is great. The heel is 3" so its so high you cant walk but high enough to make your legs look great.

I got a lot of compliments on this heel, in fact I'm pretty sure the guys really approved. I even got a whistle followed with "great shoes". They make me feel very sassy.

I couldn't find this heel online to give you the exact name of it. Its a bummer that some heel manufacturers don't put all the info on the inside. 

Sex appeal 10

Comfort  8

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cole Haan Markesa Air Boot 85

I was driving through Paso Robles a few months ago when I came across one of my most favorite things in the world.......a tent sale at Takkens shoes!!!!!!

I told myself I wouldn't buy anything, but it wouldn't hurt to look :)

There were lots of great deals, but I didn't really see anything that I couldn't live without until I walked past (on my way out) this gorgeous pair of suede chocolate brown Cole Haan boots. It wouldn't hurt to try them on.

I put them on and they felt a little narrow, but the sales guy assured me that with leather they would surely stretch after only a few times wearing them. They were marked down from $500 to $100! I normally wouldn't spend $100 on an impulse buy for a pair of boots. Especially since I wasn't sure that we were ever really $500. I decided to call my girlfriend who I knew was in front of her computer and had her do some research for me. They did retail for $500 last season when they were new. She said that online they were marked down to $300.

That just confirmed that Takkens was offering a great deal. Plus they are really nice boots and I have never owned a pair of $500 boots before. Needless to say they came home with me.

I wore them out that night to a wine tasting event and was happy that I had been smart enough to put a just in case pair of back ups in the car. The boots were killing me after a few hours! That's OK, they just need some breaking in.

I wore them to work with a dress and got lots of compliments on my hot new boots! They are pretty comfortable when you aren't on your feet all day. The suede is great it definitely did loosen up and fit to my foot. The top part of the boot that goes up to the knee is almost like having a sock on its sooooo soft.  The heel is 3 1/4 stacked and makes your legs look long and lean.

I looked it up online too just to see the full description and it said that the boot has concealed Nike air technology. I'm not really buying that though, the balls of my feet have been achy at the end of the day every time I've worn them. If there was Nike air technology involved you wouldn't think your feet would ache.

They are very stylish and look great with a dress or skirt. I might try throwing some Dr Scholls inserts and see if that doesn't help.

Sex appeal  9

Comfort level  5


These damn boots hurt!!!! I just had to walk about 5 blocks to an appt (that stood me up) and my feet are killing me! The balls of my feet have just told me that if I dont take these boots off they are quitting. Literally not going to work anymore!

They are just fine if you sit at a desk all day or are just going to dinner. But if you are going to walk any farther than to and from your car, DONT wear them.  They need to add some memory foam technology to all heels! These are $500 boots at full retail!!! Ridiculous

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years Eve

Fergie Harem Heel

The New Years Eve high heel is very important. It needs to have two qualities.

1. Damn Sexy
2. Comfortable

I spent 4 hours of  my day on new years eve going from shoe store to shoe store looking for the perfect heel. I couldn't find it so I settled on a pair I already have in my closet. This is probably the best decision I could have made.

My Fergalicious Harem heels have been part of my collection for about 6 months and they seem to get more comfortable every time I wear them. I was worried that they wouldn't look good with tights because they are a peep toe, but I was wrong. They looked great with my dress and the tights! The Harem by Fergie is definitely sexy with its croc print and 4 inch stacked heel it also features a zipper that adds a touch of bad assness!

I don't know what you did on New Years, but I had a party to go to! Karaoke, dancing and lots of fun! The heel was fairly comfortable, the only thing I can complain about were the balls of me feet starting to hurt after a few hours. I sat down for a bit and then didn't have a problem the rest of the night. I was out and about from 8pm til about 2:30am so these heels were a great choice.

 Another super cute detail is a little bit of glitter in the sole right under the toes, so your toes peep out and so does some glitter. I have worn these heels to work and done pretty well, mostly because I'm not on my feet all day.

Its nice to see a woman like Fergie who wears very high heels all the time make some that are sexy and comfy. I would highly recommend the Fergie Harem.

Sexyness: 10

Comfort: 7

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jambu Allure

I first saw this High Heel  at a locally owned higher end shoe store. This Heel really stood out to me with its unique design and claim for comfort. I tried it on and it fit like it was made for my foot! I walked around the store a little and it really felt like tennis shoe. The memory foam  foot bed and rubber heel definately made this heel stand apart from others I've tried on.  Its unique design of suede and recycled patent leather made for a really cute appearance too. This store offered the heel in black and gun metal, but the price tag was a little to high for me. With Christmas coming up I couldnt see spending the $125 on a new pair of heels. So, I left the store without buying the shoe, but I couldnt stop thinking about it. Planning on going back in to pick it up after the holidays. Then one day on a random shopping trip to Ross with my boyfriend, I was perusing the shoe department while he was trying on clothes and there, right in front of me, was the Jambu Allure Heel, IN RED!!!!! For only 26 bucks!!!! My first thought was, Come to Momma!

I wore this heel the next day at work and it was fairly comfortable. The first few steps in this heel almost feels like you are walking on springs, the recycled rubber heel definately adds some bounce to your step.  There was some pain after wearing them for a few hours. The pain was weird, because it wasnt a blister, or the balls of my feet or even both feet. The 2nd and 3rd toes of my left foot had pain shooting through them! I have never experienced anything like this with a pair of shoes before. This happened the first 3 times I wore these heels, but the pain only started after having had them on for 4 or 5 hours.

They are just so cute though that I have given them several chances at getting broken in. Last night I wore them out to the club for the first time. They were wonderful! I got lots of compliments on them and they were comfortable all night long! They also look great in the pictures we took, the red really stands out. I would highly recommend The Jambu Allure Heel in any color. For a company that typically makes hiking and walking shoes they really did a great job with the High Heel.

Comfort level (after breaking in) 9.5

Not really sexy, but extremely cute 9.5

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sofft Ophelia

There is just something about a new pair of boots that makes you feel good, especially when the boots are as sexy as the Ophelia from Sofft. I headed out for work with my new boots, paired with black tights and a super cute skirt and top. The first part of the day was spent preparing for appointments and the boots were a little tight while sitting at my desk, but so cute that I didn’t mind.

The good news is that as the day wore on the leather boots seemed to stretch a bit and became a lot more comfortable. I ran out to several appointments in the afternoon and had the best day ever. I closed every sale that I proposed! I am absolutely convinced it was the boots that helped close the sales!
All in all the Sofft Ophelia is great. Started out a little tight and my feet were a little sore at the end of the first day. I wore them again the next day and they were much more comfortable.  The Ophelia is the kind of boot that doesn’t take much to break in and quickly becomes your favorite! They look great with tights, skinny jeans or slacks.


Ive had these boots for a little over a month and they are still one of my favs! They are extremely comfortable to wear all day at work or all night at the club. You definately dont want to to both, the balls of your feet will probably hurt after 10 or 12 hours.

Comfort level 8

Sexiness 8.5

Pick up your pair at Takkens shoes!

Looking for a functional, affordable and comfortable heel seems like a daunting task. It’s easy to buy heels at a discount store because they look good on the rack. When you get them home and put them on, your feet suddenly feel they are in vice grips. The shoes then sit in your closet for the next 2 years because you can’t bring yourself to throw them away; I mean they are brand new.  Or worse yet you forget the torturous first experience and decide to try them again only to get the same painful result.

As women we have all had this experience in the quest for the perfect comfortable high heel.  The kind of heel you can put on and wear all day at the office and then wear out for dinner and cocktails that night without any discomfort.  The catch 22 is that we want them comfortable, but we also want them to look good. There are plenty of comfortable shoes on the market, but they are not attractive! You don’t want to wear a clog with your business suit, Crocs don’t go well with your cocktail dress, and you are not going to wear the same shoe you would hike in to the clubs.

I am taking this problem head on and will test different brands, different styles and report my findings back to you. Please feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions for my next high heel reveal.